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Easter in Tarifa - 22.03.2018

Easter in Tarifa, Spain

Easter break in Tarifa, Spain, Kitesurfing
Join us and enjoy your Easter holiday with sun, beach, sea and kitesurf. Lots of fun and adventure, meeting new friends, learning something new... Dragon Tarifa kiteschool offers kite lesson for all levels, from complete beginners to advance riders.
For the ones, who doesnt need any kite course, we offer rental equipment.
Call us for more information to +34 660 882 710 or write us to


Rental kite gear - 20.02.2018

Rental kite equipment in Tarifa

Need equipment Rentals in Tarifa, south of Spain or the surrounding areas? Then turn to Dragon Tarifa kiteschool for all your rental needs. New North kites 2018 are on the way!!!! Big selection of gear for rent. Change up gear at any time. Twin tips, surf-kite boards, surfboards, you will find what you need.
Rental is for intermediate to advanced riders only. You must be able to consistently stay upwind  and know self rescue procedures. We dont want to loose any students :-) Morroco is very close from Tarifa, just 14km! If you are not sure, we offer kite lesson as well for all levels :-)

Call today for more info, +34 660 882 710.

Tarifa is a great place for birdwatching. - 26.10.2017

Bird watching, Tarifa and Punta Paloma

The Strait of Gibaltrar is one of the most useful place for the migration of birds due to its role as a gateway between both contients, Africa and Europe. In its favored wedge form  we can find the town Tarifa, with its Island “ The Isle of Pigeons”. Its peculiar nickname is not surprising, since its diversity of habitats both on land and in the sea, making it the perfect place for birdwatching.

The birdwatching can be enjoyed throughout the all year, however, the best moments for observation are concentrated in autumn and spring due to the mild climate. There are many groups of birds that can be seen in this environment, both marine and glider; being these the most spectacular due to its size and beauty. In our birding we can find birds such as: Black Kites, Storks, Honey Buzzards, Booted Eagles, Short-toed Eagles, Egyptian Vultures, Griffon Ruppell’s Vultures and Honey Buzzards 

The variety of sites available, such as Punta Camorro y Cazalla, la playa de los Lances, la Sierra de la Plata, el Puerta de Facinas and la Janda wetland, converting Tarifa the perfect place for practise this activity.

Learn to kitesurf in Tarifa - 20.07.2017

Join our kitesurf school in Tarifa
Learning to kitesurf in Tarifa

Join our kitesurf school in Tarifa
 and learn this amazing water sport - Kiteboarding. Its fun, adventure and once you start you dont want to stop!!!

Kitesurfing is for everybody, children, men, women, if you are keen to learn this sport, you will learn it. The progress is very fast. You start with kite control, safety, body drag and at the end with water start and riding in both directions. How long you need it depends just on you, but till now, we got everybody on the kite board :-))

So if you decided for kite holidays in Tarifa, let us know to +34 660 882 710 or per email and we book kite lesson for you. ALOHA!

Kite teacher needed - 24.06.2017

Staff for Tarifa for season 2016 needed


Searching for KITE TEACHERS from now till Sept-Oct, speaking French and another language. With licence and experience. Flexible, friendly and patient. Please contact Miri +34 660882710.

Dragon Tarifa, notre école de kite-surf cherche des instructeurs pour la saison 2016 (de Mars à fin Octobre).  Licence et expérience demandé. 2 langues minimum requise: anglais, espagnol, français, italien, russe. Pour plus de détails contactez-nous s'il vous plaît : ou +34 660882710.

Kitesurfer´s dictionary - 29.05.2017

Back lines - the outer lines of the kite, lines which steer the kite.
Bridles - lines attached to the kite that maintain its stucture.
Delta kite - kite in the shape of a triangle.
Depower strap - line which is used to trim the kite, if you need more or less power.
Donwwind - riding direction of the wind.
Edging - action, where you push with your toes or heels on the board to control power of the kite or to change direction.
Flapping sail - when the kite is waving like a flag.
Foil kite - type of kite with no rigid framework made up of cells that fill with air.
Foot straps - straps on the board, where you put your feet in,, to control the kite board.
Harness - an equipment worn around the hips with a hook connecting the rider to the bar.

Easter vacation in Tarifa - 22.02.2017

Offer Easter holiday in Tarifa

Easter in Tarifa, kitesurfing and surfing.

Enjoy with our Kite school your Easter holiday in Tarifa, with kitesurfing or surfing. Kitesurfers and surfer come from all over Europe to practice kite-surf on the Tarifa´s beaches. There are different kite spots, wind conditions, waves, sun...all what you can enjoy during your kite trip in Tarifa. It gets very busy during Easter and we recommend booking any surf or kitesurf courses in advance.
If you like to enjoy nightlife of Tarifa, the best is to go to old town, where all the bars, pubs and clubs are or to Poligono La Vega (by the entrance of Tarifa) for Discos, or to beach bars on the beach, where you find also lots of parties, concerts and different events.

Easter Offer is valid for 3h lesson plus you get 1h for free
Ask for more details per email (, phone +34660882710 or whatsapp.

Used kitesurfing equipment - 01.02.2017

You have a week of kite lesson behind you, you start to ride upwind and now you are keen to practice on your own. The next step in kitesurfing is to buy a kite gear. But, how to choose a kite ? How to buy a kite which suits you the best ? Choosing a kite can be a little overwhelming and before you go for it, you should know several important points.
The first to consider is your skill level. If you are beginner in this adrenaline water sport, you don´t need an expensive and the latest kite on the market. You will not see any difference at this point of learning and riding. And mostly people usually break their first kite :-) So why to spend too much money...It is better to invest it in kite holidays, weekend adventure travels and rest of the kitesurf equipment needed.
The most important is to know, what size kite should I buy ? The size will be based on your weight, average wind speed at your local kite spot and your kiteboard size.
If you are buying one kite for to start, we recommend that you go for a kite that will cover the most of the wind ranges at your local kitesurfing beach. Your kite instructor will help you go through all the kite material and choose the optimal kiteboarding package for you. It is great to read reviews on Internet, but talking to someone who has many years of experience in kitesurf and who rides lots of different kites, will save you a time and money in the long run.

Happy New Year 2017 - 30.12.2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017 !

How to do handle pass - 18.12.2016

How to do handle pass in kiteboarding.

Kitesurfing fitness workout

Increase your power and make handle pass easy for you. This is exercise for unhooked moves, helping to pass the bar faster. You build up your strength. Start slowly and with light weights. It can be heavy for your shoulders. You need to do a good warm up before to start, to activate all the muscles you will use and shoulder joint.
Once you have the technique right, put on more weight and try to do the movement faster. Try to tighten your core, straighten your back and find the balance. Lean forward to simulate your body position after a pop. Pull the bar to your hip and pass it before it gets weightless. This way you simulate slack in the lines.
Start to practice in gym, to avoid any stress for you shoulders and arms later on the water. In the gym you can concentrate on specific movement and later in the air it will be much more easier.


Surfing in Olympic games in Tokyo 2020 - 06.11.2016

 Surfing at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020

Surf has officially become an Olympic event.

The dream came true. IOC approves five new sports for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Surfing, climbing, karate, skateboarding and baseball.
According to IOC rules, an Olympic discipline needs to have representation at least in 70 countries on 4 continents. Surf is practiced by about 30 million surfers in over 100 countries.
Since the 70s, the ISA (International Surfing Association) is trying to include the sport in the Olympic Games. The Brazilian Federation also wrote the official request for surf to be included as a discipline at the Games in Brazil 2016, but without any luck; golf and rugby were choosen instead.

Details of the surf competition in summer Olympics in Tokyo in 2020:

  • Surfing will take place in the ocean, not in a wave pool. Venue will be at Chiba, a famous surf place near Tokyo.
  • There will be 40 competitors, 20 men, 20 women.
  • Shortboards only.

Sliding from heelside to toeside - 16.09.2016

 Sliding from heelside to toeside

Once you got kiteboarding under control, it's time to start with some tricks. Switch riding or riding toeside is a nice one. It opens up the door to new tricks and transitions. If  you're riding a surfboard, then riding toeside is essential.
Pick a day when the water is flat and the wind is steady. You need easy weather conditions for learning toeside riding. You also need to be powered up, with light wind it will be much more difficult by this manoeuvre. If you're underpowered then you'll sink.
Learn how to change from heelside to toeside. It's not so hard, but you need to learn the good kiting technique. There are 2 ways how to do it. Sliding or popping.

1. Ride your kite at medium speed. Keep the kite at around 10 or 11 O'clock. Having it high in the wind window, you'll naturally get more lift, making your 180º easier.
2. Move your body weight over the board. Begin transferring your weight forward slightly.  When you're riding toeside, your back foot changes.
3. You need to move your board through 180º quickly though, otherwise you sink.
4. Pull the kite bar towards the hip.
5. Turn your shoulders and follow your feet with the rest of your body.
6. Maintain the kite's power. You'll always lose some power as you make the change to toeside, so don´t forget to power your kite up.
7. Put weight on the toes of your new back foot.
8. Let go your front hand off the bar. This will naturally twist your body and help to ride toeside easily.

Tandem for kids - 01.05.2016

How kids can try kitesurfing without to learn it.

Lets have a fun. Kids can try kitesurfing without to learn it. They will love it!


Kitesurf lesson - Punta Paloma beach - 01.05.2016

Soul was very fast on the board, learning all important information about kitesurfing, so he stays safe and independent kiter.

Kiteboarding lesson in Tarifa


Surf the waves with a kite - 12.02.2016

Surf a wave with a kite and jump with a surfboard.
How to surf a wave with kite

Did you know that you can surf a wave with a kite ? It´s just amazing. You can use twin tip board or surf-kite board. You can stay on a wave for so long and of course, no need for paddle !!! The best is to start with small waves, to understand how it works. Before you go out, observe the wave, see where it´s breaking. The mostly mistake from beginners is, that the kite looses its power, when they turn on the wave. You will finish in the middle of the waves, in the lines...and the probability that your kite breaks, its very big. Don´t swim in the lines and if necessary, use your safety system and let go the kite. But you will see, after 1 day in the waves, you will get it ! We offer also surf-kite lesson in Tarifa, if you prefer to learn it with an experience surf-kite teacher :-) 

Instructors for season 2016 wanted!!! - 01.02.2016

Dragon kite school in Tarifa search staff!
Staff for Tarifa for season 2016 needed

Dragon Tarifa kite-surf school search for staff for 2016 season (from March till end of October) - Kitesurf and surf instructors with licence and experience. Need to speak perfectly minimum 2 languages, Engish, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian. For more details contact us please or +34 660 882 710. 

Dragon Tarifa, notre école de kite-surf cherche des instructeurs pour la saison 2016 (de Mars à fin Octobre).  Licence et expérience demandé. 2 langues minimum requise: anglais, espagnol, français, italien, russe. Pour plus de détails contactez-nous s'il vous plaît : ou +34 660882710.

Rip current - 21.01.2016

Every surfer and swimmer should know, what is rip current and its danger. The most important thing to know is, that it is more less just 100 meters long, after you can go easily out of it. So don´t panic and save your power for to get back to shore safely.

Rip currents and how to escape.


Rules in surfing - 10.01.2016

Rules in surfing


Video about kitesurfing in Tarifa - 28.10.2015

We love wind, sun, beach and kite-surfing !!!


Welcome to the kite family :-)) - 28.10.2015

 Kitesurf in Tarifa in October

Michal and Marces from Suiss, they love kitesurfing !

Kite season 2015 is back in Tarifa !!! - 19.04.2015

 Kite season 2015 in Tarifa

Kite season 2015 is starting...enojoy the wind, sun, beach and your kite holidays.

Kitesurfing in Kenya, Diani beach - 24.01.2015

Kite trip to Kenya, Diani beach, near Mombassa

Ingo did tandem kitesurf with Isaak, so he could taste what about is this amazing water sport. He enjoyd so much :-))

Mery Christmas - 28.12.2014

Mery Christmas from Dragon Tarifa guys

HALLOWEEN offer !!! - 28.10.2014

Learn to surf and enjoy our surf house in Tarifa. 

Offer for Helloween in Tarifa

Book this special surf deal: Tel. +34 956 627 467, e-mail: 

Closing down the shop - 12.10.2014

Sale and offer in Tarifa

The surf shop is in Poligono La Vega, in Tarifa, 11380, provincia Cadiz.

Tandem in kitesurf,Tarifa - 20.09.2014

Try to kitesurf without kite lesson!

Kite tandem in Tarifa. Ask for more details in our kite-surf school Dragon Tarifa, per email: or per phone: +34 956 627 467. 

Kitesurfing lesson - promotion - 19.07.2014

Learn kitesurfing with our special deal!

Happy hour kite lessons in Tarifa. Ask for more details of this promotion in our surf shop Dragon Tarifa, per email: or per phone: +34 956 627 467. We speak English, German, French, Italian.

Dragon party in discotheque Mombassa in Tarifa ! - 05.07.2014

Today, Saturday the 5th July, DRAGON kite school have a PARTY in MOMBASSA club in Tarifa!! Everybody who wants to have fun is welcome!! Join us and enjoy this special night with good music and lots of surprises from Dragon Team!! We start the party at 11.30 pm in Coctail Bar La Tetería with the best coctails, and from there we go all together to Mombassa.

Tarifa´s beach - 01.06.2014

Beache´s in Tarifa

Another sunny day in Tarifa, beaches with no buildings, just nature, sand and the sea...enjoy your holiday and kitesurfing!

Sail repair - 14.05.2014

To repair kite it is not so difficult. Everybody can do it. You just need the right tools and to watch this video. If you need some help, just pass by in our Dragon surf shop in Tarifa.

Surf in Tarifa - 18.03.2014

Dragon, Surf school in Tarifa, helps you to learn surfing fast, safely and with fun. We also offer surfing for kids from age 8.  Dragon Tarifa is open the whole year.

Surf in Tarifa

Selfrescue in kitesurfing - 13.03.2014

Self rescue technique is one of the basic of kitesurfing. Every kitesurfer has to learn it and know it. It is a way, how to come back to the beach in case of emergency. But it is not so easy to do it in the water while you should try it once to be sure you know it.



Priority rules in kitesurfing - 03.03.2014

Right of way rules in kitesurfing, at the beach and in the sea. Every good kitesurfer should know those several rules, to to prevent accidents. If everyone would respect these rules, the sport would be safer and there would be no so many bans on the beaches.

Right of the way rules


Huge waves in Tarifa! - 08.02.2014

For all surfers, huge waves come to Tarifa, Spain! On Monday 5 metres, jupiii :-)))

Waves in Tarifa

Good Poniente Wind - 08.02.2014

In winter, we have perfect conditions for wave kite surfing in Tarifa. You can go to Tarifa´s beaches as Los Lances, Balneario, to hotel Arte Vida or to beach Punta Paloma. Let´s enjoy. The wind is often onshore, so if you are not experience kitesurfer, take care not to finishing on the beach...

Wave surfing with the kite in Tarifa.